Mouse Blocker Pro 12V


  • Turns off when vehicle is started (13Volts)
  • Automatically turns on when vehicle is turned off
  • Simple two wire hookup
  • All aluminum case
  • Dual strobing white LED lights
  • 12 Volt Powered with only a 50 mA draw
  • Modes: Off, Low(85dB), Medium(95dB), High (115dB)

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The MouseBlocker Pro, the ultimate solution for keeping rodents away from your vehicle. Building upon the success of the Original MouseBlocker, the MouseBlocker Pro takes rodent deterrence to new heights.

Experience the enhanced power of adjustable ultrasonic sounds, now 200 times more potent than the original model. These powerful sounds create an uncomfortable environment for rodents, discouraging them from nesting in your vehicle. Additionally, the MouseBlocker Pro incorporates two bright strobing LED lights, providing an extra deterrent that rodents despise.

Crafted with a robust all-aluminum alloy case, the MouseBlocker Pro not only safeguards our advanced microcomputer but also effectively dissipates heat. Installing this device is a breeze with its simple 2-wire hookup, connecting directly to your vehicle’s battery. Once your vehicle is parked and the engine is inactive, the MouseBlocker Pro springs into action, diligently protecting the area where it’s mounted.

Worry not about draining your battery excessively. Thanks to our intelligent microcomputer, the MouseBlocker Pro automatically detects changes in voltage. It seamlessly turns off when the vehicle is started, and if the battery voltage drops below 11V during idle periods (typically after around 10 days on a standard car battery), the unit shuts itself off to prevent excessive battery drain.

Operating at a mere 0.6 watts, the MouseBlocker Pro delivers remarkable power efficiency. We advise against using this model for applications that remain unused or uncharged for more than 10 days, as it prioritizes battery preservation and will shut it self off.

Upgrade to the MouseBlocker Pro and bid farewell to rodent infestations, knowing your vehicle is protected by cutting-edge technology and intelligent design.

We do not recommend this model for use on applications that sit for more than 10 days without reuse or charging. This unit will also not work if you are using a battery maintainer for long term storage, we would recommend the Plug In version as the charging voltage will shut this unit down. 

Please see our Plug In PRO Model for a long term storage solution.

Use what the Pros use:  This product is sold at hundreds of New Car Dealerships, Parts stores, tractor and motorcycle dealerships throughout North America!!  Protect your vehicle today with the MouseBlocker Pro!!

Note: This unit is LOUD, 200 times louder than any other unit on the market today (trust us we tested them all)  and on the highest settings most humans can hear the sounds emitted as will some household pets like cats and dogs. The sounds WILL NOT harm them in any way you will just notice the animals will leave the area the unit is located and if under the hood of your vehicle the sounds for the most part will be contained to the engine compartment anyways.

User Manual Download

Note: Replacement fuse part number F5AL250V
EPA Est. No. 95016-CHN-1


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