2 Car & Garage Protection Package


Protect 2 vehicles and your garage to and save $30
2x: Mouse Blocker Pro Units, (12 Volt or Plug In Pro)
1x: Mouse Blocker 1000x

Package Includes:

(1x) MouseBlocker 1000x
The MouseBlocker 1000x utilizes advanced micro-electronics technology to emit two types of specialized ultrasonic waves simultaneously. These waves effectively target the hearing and nervous systems of rodents, creating an unpleasant and uncomfortable environment for them. Its primary purpose is to deter mice and drive them away from protected areas. The 1000x generates constantly changing and alternating frequencies, ensuring that rodents cannot adapt or become immune to the sound. With its powerful output, the MouseBlocker 1000x covers an expansive area of up to 1000 square feet, provided there is a clear line of sight. It’s important to note that the unit operates through sound, meaning the noise will not penetrate walls or solid objects. For optimal performance, position the unit with the speakers facing an open space free of obstructions.

(2x) MouseBlocker Pro Units (Plug-In or 12Volt)
The MouseBlocker Pro, the ultimate solution for keeping rodents away from your vehicle. Building upon the success of the Original MouseBlocker, the MouseBlocker Pro takes rodent deterrence to new heights.

Experience the enhanced power of adjustable ultrasonic sounds, now 200 times more potent than the original model. These powerful sounds create an uncomfortable environment for rodents, discouraging them from nesting in your vehicle. Additionally, the MouseBlocker Pro incorporates two bright strobing LED lights, providing an extra deterrent that rodents despise.


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Weight 5 lbs

1000x With 2x 12 Volt Pros, 1000x With 2x Plug In Pros

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