Anti-Rodent Repair Tape


MouseBlocker Anti-Rodent Insulated Repair Tape is made with encapsulated Capsaicin from Hot Chile Peppers. This repair tape is a great addition to the already potent rodent protection our Original 12V MouseBlocker provides however it protects in a little different way by putting a barrier between the rodents teeth and the sensitive vehicle wiring. Use the MouseBlocker Insulated Repair Tape to protect your wiring after making a repair or protect the entire harness.



The MouseBlocker Anti-Rodent insulated repair tape with Capsaicin from Teraoka is a great simple and effective way to protect your sensitive and vulnerable wiring from the costly damage caused by rodents chewing on the wires. This repair tape has Capsaicin from Hot Chile Peppers encapsulated within the tape making it a very effective deterrent. Tests have shown this “HOT” tape is not something the rodents are willing to chew on providing an excellent barrier between teeth and wiring. If your wiring is wrapped with a soy insulation that the rodents like, change it simply to the opposite with HOT PEPPER!!
This tape also works on hoses and wiring in areas that other rodent deterrents won’t reach like EVAP hoses and fuel lines.
For the best protection use in conjunction with the Original or PRO Model 12V Ultrasonic MouseBlocker.

This repair tape installs just like regular electrical tape.

Warning: please wear gloves and wash hands after handling this tape.

Great for use on tractors and mowers, generators and items without a 12V power source where the 12V MouseBlocker units won’t work.

Do not pay for the same repair more than once.  Protect your repaired or replacement harness with the power of Mouseblocker and Hot Pepper today!!

65′ Roll

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Dimensions 65 × .75 in


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