How loud are the units?

All the units are a bit different so this is the best way we can explain it.

The units all make a noise but not all can be heard by humans.  What each person can hear is also subject to how old they are.  Younger people have a much easier time heraring the outputs from the units and people over the age of 65 often cannot hear any of the models we sell.  

The Classic has a range of about 5ft and is designed for small spaces, this can be heard a little buy people under the age of 35.

The PRO Models are very powerful and have 3 levels with a range of about 15′.  The highest level can be heard by most people under the age of 60 as a high pitched squeak.

Please note with both of these models if they are placed under the hood of a vehicle for the most part the sounds will be contained.

The MouseBlocker 1000 has a range of about 50′ and this unit is whisper quiet.  Most people cannot hear a thing while some when close up hear a quiet chirp.

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